Top Personal Finance Books of 2018

We’re well into 2018 and thought we’d take a few minutes to recommend a few of the best and most popular books on success and personal finance. Not all of these books were written this year, but they remain at the top of the charts and are great listens th check out this year.

Money Master The Game

tony robbinsMoney Master The Game is a book by author and motivational speaker Tony Robbins. This was the first book Robbins wrote that ventured out of the motivation-success industry and focused more clearly on personal financial principles that you can quite literally take to the bank.

The book evaluates all of the popular financial investment vehicles that are available to the average investor, and takes a considered look at each, evaluating both the strengths and weaknesses for different types of opportunities out there.

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Following up from the success of Money Master the Game, Tony Robins recently came out with a second book targeted towards the personal finance market.

In Unshakeable, Robbins takes portfolio development to a new level. Rather than looking at different styles of investment vehicles, he takes a step back to consider the broader questions of personal financail portfolio management, outlining what the top considerations are that you should be making as an individual investor.

He argues that have a solid portfolio strategy and getting the allocation and re-adjustment principles right is perhaps the number one tool that individual investors can use to gain success in the long run. It isn’t just about what funds you invest in, but how to develop your strategy in the long term, in a way that’s bulletproof to the ups and downs of the market.

Learn more about the Unshakeable audiobook.

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

t harv eckerPersonal financial success isn’t just about what you do with your money, it’s also about the mindset it takes to earn it in the first place!

In Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T Harv Ecker outlines the primary differences between those who create and sustain wealth and those who don’t. He looks at the top considerations you should make as you prepare for a successful life, noting how a few small adjustments in your mindset can make a world of difference

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