wicked-audiobook-mp3Unabridged Audiobook
Written By: Gregory Maguire
Narrated By: John McDonough
Publisher: Recorded Books
Duration: 19 Hours 41 Minutes

Book Rating: stars_4-5




Summary: Heralded as an instant classic of fantasy literature, Maguire has written a wonderfully imaginative retelling of The Wizard of Oz told from the Wicked Witch’s point of view. More than just a fairy tale for adults, Wicked is a meditation on the nature of good and evil.

Elphaba is born with green skin, a precocious mind, and a talent for magic. An outcast throughout her childhood in Munchkinland, she finally begins to feel as though she fits in when she enters the University in the Emerald City. While she hones her skills, she discovers that Oz isn’t the Utopia it seems. She sets out to protect its unwanted creatures, becoming known as the Wicked Witch along the way.

Narrator John McDonough draws you in to Maguire’s magical world of witches and talking animals, making it possible to believe in a land somewhere over the rainbow…Read more.

User Reviews

Liwei L.

stars_4 Brilliant! Even better than the musical!




Katie P.

stars_4-5 Loved it! Great story and great narration. What more could you want?




Max R.

stars_3-5 Kept hearing the songs run through my head the whole time I was reading.


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Gregory Maguire: Wicked Audio Book Summary

Wicked is an entertaining fantasy story for adults, written in 1995 by Gregory Maguire and has established itself as a worldwide success and managed to sell more than one million copies internationally.
Wicked tells the story of the main character named Elphaba, or better known as The Wicked Witch of the West. Yes, that is, if the name of the Wicked Witch of the West sounds to them, it is because Maguire was based on the work of the writer Lyam Frank Baum titled The wonderful magician of Oz (1900) that is a children’s book that gained so much popularity that has Has been one of the most edited books, likewise, has been adapted for television and film on several occasions.
Wicked, on the other hand, is a kind of prequel to the Wonderful Wizard of Oz but dealing with a series of themes not suitable for children.
download-gregory-maguire-wicked-audiobookNow the story of Elpahaba is told to us even before his birth. He begins by telling us about his parents’ relationship, his mother’s personality and his constant infidelities. After the strange birth of Elpahaba, his solitary childhood, his revolutionary and vertiginous youth, his maturity and his death.
It is a story whose main argument is to understand why the characters we think are bad; Or, if they really are. It allows us to know a series of eventualities that formed the character of Elphaba and motivated her to make certain decisions and fight for her ideals.
In contrast, it shows those characters that we think are good and makes us wonder if they really are. A clear example is the white witch, who is described as a smug, superficial and unfriendly woman, or the famous Wizard of Oz, this time we are planned as an abusive and powerless tyrant who mistreats the inhabitants and Has special aberration for Animals with a capital A, which are like animals with a minuscule but with will and reasoning. That is, a simile of man.

Wicked is spatially located in the Land of Oz as well as location, also some characters were subtracted from the original version, such that with the addition of these in the plot, Wicked turns out to be a literarily rich story.
It is a bizarre but also fundamentally logical story, among its features is that it is a portrait of society, it becomes a kind of social criticism about bad governance, classism, abuse of animals, abuse of power and is done A reflection of reality with implications such as ethics, good and evil and the multiplicity of religious beliefs.
The criticism gave divided opinions about the work, people love it or hate it. On the one hand, it is said that it is actually a very good story with an idea that definitely draws attention and entertains; However, that the author did not have the merit of creating a fantastic world, but only took elements of the world of Oz and elements of reality without giving the task of creating, only added to the story a different theme and a green woman .
Likewise, the narrative does not flow in a simple way, it is said that it is more like an uphill road, where sometimes we find the extensive history of some characters that we feel does not bring anything to the general idea of ​​the book. It also sometimes feels like a gray, flat and emotionless way of telling a story. In conclusion, it can become a good story with a good story line but with poor storytelling.
Wicked was brought to the theater as a musical in Broadway, masterfully and with a resounding success, which spread to other countries.