What Alice Forgot

what-alice-forgot-audiobook-mp3Unabridged Audiobook
Written By: Liane Moriarty
Narrated By: Tomara Lovatt-Smith
Publisher: Penguin Audio
Duration: 13 Hours 32 Minutes

Book Rating: stars_4



Summary:What would happen if you were visited by your younger self, and got a chance for a do-over? Alice Love is 29 years old, madly in love with her husband, and pregnant with their first child. So imagine her surprise when, after a fall, she comes to on the floor of a gym (a gym! she HATES the gym!) and discovers that she’s actually 39, has three children, and is in the midst of an acrimonious divorce.

A knock on the head has misplaced 10 years of her life, and Alice isn’t sure she likes who she’s become. It turns out, though, that forgetting might be the most memorable thing that has ever happened to Alice…Read more.

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Liane Moriarty: What Alice Forgot Audio Book Summary

Writer Liane Moriarty was born in 1966, she is of Australian origin, has a younger sister Jaclyn Moriarty who is also an author. After licencice he dedicated himself to work in the advertising and marketing for a publishing house of his locality. After some time he decides to create his own company even for a short period of time, then he goes to work as a freelance copywriter, forged a reputation and achieved some recognition.

download-liane-moriarty-what-alice-forgot-audiobookHe studied at Macquarie University in Sydney where he earned a master’s degree, then published his first novel “Three Wishes” in 2004, the novel was part of his degree, also published in the same year. He has written five other novels and has been well received by critics. She now lives happily with her family, her husband and two children in Sydney.

After suffering a minor accident and suffering a minor fainting, Alice has a flash of first thoughts, begins to remember her son in her womb, and also in her husband Nick who must be worried and aware of his health. However in an instant of lucidity remember that she is not really pregnant, her husband is certainly not worried at all since they are separated and their divorce is in process. Alice with a lot of anguish can not remember ten years of her life, they have gone and will not be able to remember them. Suddenly her life seems to be someone else’s, and she does not know it at all. Things as simple as the obvious estrangement of her sister embarrass her and must face her reality.

This book leaves us a clear question What would happen if one day we unexpectedly suffered from amnesia? Our life can change surprisingly in a span of ten years, Alice is facing these situations. Alice suffers an accident while in the gym and when she regains consciousness she thinks she is still in 1998, but it has been ten years and she is in 2008. Alice thinks she is pregnant, and that at any moment her attentive and attentive husband Will arrive at any time when she learns the news that she had an accident, however everything has changed, Alice already has three children of whom she has no knowledge, and the relationship with her husband is in its final stage, is in the last process To sign their divorce.

Slowly and painfully Alice will link small flashes of memories and experiences, the past will be shown in small doses in the memory of the protagonist, now little by little will face a reality that she has created, will gradually understand And you will realize that sometimes losing our memory can be one of the best things that can happen to you.