The Winds of Winter

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George RR Marting: The Winds Of Winter Audio Book Summary

Although the sixth book in the Song Of Ice And Fire series, The Winds Of Winter, has not been released, writer George R.R. Martin has made a number of chapters available to fans. He has also discussed some of the events that will happen in the next book.

audiobook the winds of winter george rr martinOne of the released chapters, titled Alayne, focuses on Sansa Stark. In the chapter, Sansa is still pretending to be the illegitimate daughter of Littlefinger. She is organizing a tournament for knights of the veil that may be used to recruit soldiers to her cause. She also flirts and deepens her relationship with some of the men in the veil.

In Arya Stark’s chapter, which is called Mercy, she is part of a theater troupe. However, her placement in this troupe was actually part of an assassination plot. She is able to gain access to her target and kill him. After the murder, she returns to the theater troupe.

In Theon’s chapter, he has been taken prisoner by Stannis Baratheon. Although his sister, Asha, pleads to Stannis for his life, Stannis believes that Theon must be executed for his crimes. The best Asha is able to do for him is negotiate a less painful death. They are preparing to carry out the execution when the chapter ends.

In Arianne Martell’s chapter, she is working to regain the favor of her father after her disastrous attempt to place Myrcella Baratheon on the Iron Throne. She is also discussing the actions of the Targaryens with her men.

There are two released chapters that involve Barristan Selmy. One of the chapters was packaged with the paperback edition of A Dance Of Dragons, while the other has been read aloud by George R.R. Martin on several occasions. Both chapters deal with Selmy’s attempts to find Daenerys Targaryen and rule over Mereen.

Several other chapters, included an additional Arianne chapter, a Victarion Greyjoy chapter, and a Tyrion Lannister chapter, have also been read aloud to fans at conventions.

In addition to providing fans with these chapters, George R.R. Martin has spent time talking about what he’s been writing. He’s confirmed that Aeron Greyjoy, Bran Stark, Daenerys Targaryen, and Davos Seaworth will all have viewpoint chapters in the book.

Many fans have been concerned about the fate of Jon Snow after the ending of A Dance With Dragons. Although his fate has not been confirmed, Martin has said that he is determining the characters arc. This has given most fans the impression that he is still alive.

There are some characters who have died on the Game Of Thrones TV show who will have significant roles in the book. As mentioned above, Selmy will have several viewpoint chapters. The bloodrider Mago will also be playing a significant role in the book.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of The Winds Of Winter so that they can learn what else is in store for their favorite characters. Martin has said that he is working to get the book released as quickly as possible.