The Two Towers

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About The Two Towers Audiobook

two towers audiobookThe Two Towers is the second novel in the epic fantasy trilogy The Lord of the Rings.

The novel begins where The Fellowship of the Ring ends, with a divided band of men, dwarves, elves, hobbits, and Gandalf the Grey.

Frodo and Sam have set off from the main group, as Frodo has come to realize that Sauron will stop at nothing to seize the ring, and feels that it is his duty to bring it to Mordor to destroy it in the depths of MOunt Doom without endangering the lives of the rest of his crew.

Because of this, The Two Towers begins to draw the reader along several plot lines, whereas The Fellowship of the Ring had largely maintained a single story throughout.

The book follows Frodo and Sam, accompanies by the creature Gollum, who also wants to take the ring for himself and is leading the two hobbits to the gates of Mordor.

As Frodo and Sam continue their journey, the novel also begins to unfold the events surrounding Sarumon, an evil wizard and ally of Sauron who is in the process of creating a massive orc army. Thus the Two Towers refer to those of Sarumon and Sauron, both intent on destroying parts of Middle Earth.

Gandalf discovers this when he goes to meet with Sarumon in order to seek his help fighting Sauron, only to learn that the wizard, once a friend, has turned evil and imprisons Gandalf at the top of his tower.

Meanwhile, the other two hobbits are also separated from the group, and encounter a forest of ancient walking trees. They plea for help in the war against Sarumon, and, eventually, succeed in finding it as the trees come to their aid in the final battle.

Meanwhile, Aragon, Legolas, and Gimli proceed to attempt to unite the old alliances between men and elves, as an attack on Rohan, one of the kingdoms of men, is imminent, and the men cannot win alone.

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