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Dave Ramsey: Total Money Makeover Audio Book Summary

Dave Ramsey is a very influential financial guru who has a radio show and has published many books on financial matters. One of them used to be my favorite book about personal finance when I was younger, and it is titled ‘Financial Peace.’ This was my introduction to Dave Ramsey, and I have liked him ever since. I not only purchased that book, but I also purchased Financial Peace Revisited. Not too long ago, I ran into another book I wanted to read of his that has since hit the market titled ‘Total Money Makeover.’

It’s sitting right in front of me, and I can tell you all about the book. It’s about your financial fitness. Is your personal financial picture physically fit? This is essentially the core of what all of Dave Ramsey’s advice is about, personal finances. Of course, the first part of this book deals with how people think that their financial picture is fine when it really isn’t. Did you know that the average American has 16,000 dollars of credit card debt?

That number sounds ridiculous to me, so I fall well below the average, at around 2,500 dollars in credit card debt. That’s as much as I want to have. So the first section of the book deals with people in denial of how bad their overall financial picture looks. Then, it’s time to look at myths and misconceptions about debt followed by the same about money in general. The book then moves on to talk about how people often feel they have to keep up with the Joneses.

This reminds me of the section in Financial Peace, too, where the book instructs readers to avoid buying things for no reason, Who has money to buy everything out there? The next section of the book deals with that emergency fund that is all important. A notable difference is that the initial emergency fund now is 1,000 dollars on the eventual path towards three to six months worth of living expenses. In Financial Peace, you’re supposed to initially get mad and save up 500 dollars before you do anything.

Of course, Financial Peace is an older book, and Total Money Makeover is a newer book. Dave Ramsey has published other books as well, and I would say the reason for the switch from 500 to 1,000 is because of how much more things cost these days. Plus, an emergency fund is still going to have the same end game goal, yet the total is going to be individual to each person’s financial picture. Three to six months worth of living is a different amount of money for each household.

In fact, chapter 8 of this book is about completing the emergency fund. The chapter before that, however, is about the debt snowball plan, which is something that Ramsey always touts. It’s again part of his other book Financial Peace, too. Saving for retirement is also addressed as is funding college. There is a chapter on mortgages, and the book closes helping readers understand how they can eventually build wealth with the right personal finance plan in place.
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