The Rise of Superman

the-rise-of-superman-audiobook-mp3Unabridged Audiobook
Written By: Steven Kotler
Narrated By: Jeff Cummings
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Duration: 9 Hours 23 Minutes

Book Rating: stars_4



Summary: In this groundbreaking audiobook, New York Times best-selling author Steven Kotler decodes the mystery of ultimate human performance. Drawing on over a decade of research and first-hand reporting with dozens of top action and adventure sports athletes like big wave legend Laird Hamilton, big mountain snowboarder Jeremy Jones, and skateboarding pioneer Danny Way, Kotler explores the frontier science of “flow”, an optimal state of consciousness in which we perform and feel our best.

Building a bridge between the extreme and the mainstream, The Rise of Superman explains how these athletes are using flow to do the impossible and how we can use this information to radically accelerate performance in our own lives.

At its core, this is an audiobook about profound possibility; about what is actually possible for our species; about where – if anywhere – our limits lie…Read more.

User Reviews

John C.

stars_4 Fascinating research.




Lisa M.

stars_4-5 This is a “sports” book that isn’t about sports at all. Lots of great information on achieving elite performance in any field.



William P.

stars_3-5 Overall good. Interesting but not sure how helpful it will be.

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Steven Kotler: The Rise of Superman Audio Book Summary

In his fascinating new audiobook, The Rise of Superman: Decoding The Science of Ultimate Human Performance, New York Times’ best-selling author Steven Kotler takes a compelling look at recent research into the optimization of athletic performance, and how the field has pushed physical boundaries once believed impossible and shaped the rise of super athletes in almost every sport.

But, this book isn’t just about how to maximize physical performance and efficiency on a biological level. Based on more than a decade of research and investigative reporting, Kotler takes a look at the psychological phenomenon that underlies many of the world’s top-performers’ achievements.

Focusing on seemingly unrealistic feats that are unbelievably plentiful in the world of adventure sports, from extreme surfing to snowboarding, as well as glimpsing the performance fundamentals of other sports, Kotler draws the conclusion that the key to athletic success isn’t merely advanced training or obsessive commitment, but the ability for athletes to perform in a state of flow.

The concept of flow is relatively new to the world of performance psychology, and has applications from sports to business executives. The premise is that our minds and bodies perform best when they are “in the zone.”

While this fact may not come as news, Kotler focuses not just on the phenomenon of flow, but how we can develop and direct it to break the “upper limits” in all areas of our lives.

A brilliantly written work that has received critical acclaim and wide popular appeal, The Rise of Superman: Decoding The Science of Ultimate Performance audio is one of the best books on the psychology of sports performance in recent history.

The book doesn’t stop at analyzing athletes, however, as Kotler is quick to point out that the applications of many of the techniques outlined – the very strategies used by top athletes the world over – can also be applied to everyday life, whether you want to improve your golf score or be more productive at work.

It is the potential for individual application of these principles that makes this book so compelling, and it is destined to become one of the leading authorities on high performance for years to come.

Steven Kotler is a best-selling author, journalist, and entrepreneur. He is best known for his non-fiction book Abundance: Why The Future Is Better Than You Think, which he co-authored with entrepreneur and X-Prize founder Peter Diamandis.

He has also had extensive articles and publications featured in many of the world’s foremost magazines and journals, including Outside Magazine, Wired, The New York Times Magazine, The LA Times, to name a few.

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