The Power of Intention

the power of intention audiobook mp3Unabridged Audiobook
Written By: Wayne Dyer
Narrated By: Wayne Dyer
Publisher: Hay House
Duration: 4 Hours 30 Minutes

Book Rating: stars_4-5




Summary: Intention is generally viewed as a pit bull kind of determination propelling one to succeed at all costs by never giving up on an inner picture. In this view, an attitude that combines hard work with an indefatigable drive toward excellence is the way to succeed. However, intention is viewed very differently in this audiobook. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer has researched intention as a force in the universe that allows the act of creation to take place. This audiobook explores intention, not as something you do, but as an energy you’re a part of. We’re all intended here through the invisible power of intention. This is the first audiobook to look at intention as a field of energy that you can access to begin co-creating your life with the power of intention…Read more.

User Reviews

Mia W.

stars_4 Great read. Really clarified a profound way to live your life.




Sara S.

stars_4-5 I’m a huge Wayne Dyer fan and The Power of Intention is as good as it gets!




William P.

stars_5 Intention is key to everything. Wonderful insights in this book.

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Wayne Dyer: The Power of Intention Audio Book Summary

in The Power of Intention, author and spiritual leader Wayne Dyer takes a powerful new approach that challenges us to rethink how we approach energy and intention in our lives. The overarching premise of this book — and an idea often promoted by Dyer — is that when you change the way you look at the world, the world you look at changes.

wayne dyer quotes intentionOn the surface, this sounds like a nice quote, and is a great reminder that we have the ability to change our own individual perspectives about the experiences that happen to us. However, Dyer does not intent this to be a simply surface-level, feel-good statement about thinking positive thoughts. Instead, In The Power of Intention, he outlines how this statement is, quite literally true. It isn’t just about your perspective of things that have happened, but physical shapes the way in which you experience the world, and the things that happen to you.

By setting clear intentions with every action you take you take control of the situation and enable the development of everything you desire, regardless of whether you’re at the office, stuck in traffic, or playing with your kids. The optimal outcome always has to do with the energy that you hold about that situation. When you hold negative energy, you prevent yourself from receiving the true abundance and beauty that you naturally deserve. When, instead, you open yourself to more positive forces and relax into the positive intention of the moment, you lay the foundation for the creation of a life experience that is remarkably joy, radiantly beautiful, and incredibly abundant, in every way imaginable.

This concept underpins much of the contemporary New Thought movement, and Dyer does an excellent job of describing why this principle is true, along with outlining key principles that you can adopt and apply to your everyday life in order to see the results manifest for yourself. It is the combination of spirituality and practicality that makes The Power of Intention one of the most powerful books of Dyer’s career.

This book is a must read for anyone interested in secular spirituality, the law of attraction, or simply someone who is looking to live with a higher degree of integrity, honesty, openness, and intention in their lives. A powerful and inspiring read, it’s a not to miss!