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Mary Higgins Clark: The Melody Lingers On Audio Book Summary

The Melody Lingers On by Mary Higgins Clark was first published by Simon and Shuster in Australia on the 1 July 2015. The story involves a woman by the name of Lane Harmon an assistant to a well-recognized interior designer. She is familiar with meeting famous and rich people in their lavish homes, but she knows when she is asked to visit the Bennett house, the work will differ. The husband of the home, Parker Bennett has been reported as missing for 2 years already and this occurred just before billions of U.S dollars went missing out of one the funds he was associated with managing.

This scandal is still fresh and there is still a heavy cloud of apprehension that surrounds his name. Some think that he may have committed suicide, while others believe that the disappearance was staged. His wife still believes in his innocence and that he is still alive. However, there are specific people that are aggressively searching for him and these people are hell bent on learning the real truth about this situation.

Lane Harmon becomes intertwined in the glamorous and intriguing lives of the Bennettís. The more she becomes involved the more she puts her own life and that of her family in danger. The story also involves an important element in the character Eric Bennett, who is Parkerís only child. Eric begins to woo Lane who is a single mother. During this scandal Eric is also under much scrutiny, since the day his father went missing. But, there is no relevant evidence that involves Eric in any way. However, the individuals who have lost their life savings and the FBI are all still highly suspicious.

Readers will learn of the fate of Parker, early on in The Melody Lingers On. The suspense in this novel revolves around money that he could have embezzled as well as how the people left behind are involved in this situation.

mary higgins clarkThe book is extremely well paced and Mary Higgins Clark manages to keep her readers in suspense. Lane has been described as a fantastic character and her boss Glady is a high-maintenance and eccentric woman. The character Eric forms a meaningful relationship with Laneís daughter and rapidly develops an attraction to Lane. But many readers will agree that it is questionable as to why so many other people mentioned in the book have just a disliking for the man.

Mary Higgins Clark fans will really enjoy her latest work and it contains all the right elements that many readers have become accustomed to. Her writing always seems to involve a delicate balance between suspense and romance. For years this author continues to produce quality reading food and there always seems to be a pattern in her writing, which involves betrayal and love.

With her skill in writing hair-raising stories, she has fondly become known as the ìQueen of Suspenseî. In this novel Clark manages to join a financial scandal with an awe-inspiring story of betrayal and deception in one of many finest novels.