The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

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Marie Kondo: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up Audio Book Summary

Like most people in this crazy old mixed-up world of ours, over the course of my long life with all its ups and downs, there’s one thing that’s always just gone up, up up ñ and that’s the sheer amount of stuff that I now find myself having. Everything you acquire seems super important when you buy it – of course I need a golden rhinocerous so that I can remember my hard-earned, life-changing trip to Kenya, and of course I need this beautiful hand carved statue of a buddha so that I can remember my equally life-chaning trip through the mountains of Bhutan, and of course I need this enormous carved jagged wooden statue (that’s lately been serving as a hat-holder for all my equally important hats) to remember my horizon-broadening trip to the Museum of Modern Art ñ but nonetheless, eventually it all adds up, and we find ourselves living in a vast sea of objects, all of which, individually, are emotionally valuable and completely irreplaceable. Together, though, they form a mass of clutter that’s almost insurmountable and impossible to organize.

audiobook the life changing magic of tidying up mp3There’s a reason there’s a whole (very successful) chain of The Container Stores ñ people have so much stuff that they need to buy more stuff to put all their stuff in, just to get some of that stuff out of the way so they can get to their other stuff. And what’s worse, entire city blocks are devoted to self-storage establishments that, for a low, low monthly fee, will rent you a ten-by-ten-by-ten box that you can pack as full of stuff as you can possibly accomplish. Yet nobody seems to consider the fact that ñ if you really think about it ñ there really isn’t much of a point in storing all this stuff if you can’t even see it, whether it’s in a box in your attic or a bigger box in a self-storage building ten minutes away. At that point, you may as well have buried it and thrown away the map, because chances are, not only are you never going to think about wanting to see anything you’ve stored there ever again, you won’t even be able to find anything in the colossal agglomeration of irreplaceable valuables.

This was the situation I found myself in before I picked up this book, anyway. Of course, I hadn’t thought about it in nearly such depth ñ that is, until I started reading. As I read through Marie Kondo’s masterfully written discussion of her thoughts and theories about clutter and how it builds up, I noticed that just about every one of the things she was saying applied to my own life. It’s really been an amazing change for me ñ since decluttering my life, I’ve found that my home is more beautiful, and I’m much less anxious ñ I can even concentrate better on my own writing without all that stuff around.