The Invention of Wings

the-invention-of-wings-audiobook-mp3Unabridged Audiobook
Written By: Sue Monk Kid
Narrated By: Jenna Lamia, Adepero Oduye, Sue Monk Kidd
Publisher: Penguin Audio
Duration: 13 Hours 46 Minutes

Book Rating: stars_4-5



Summary: From the celebrated author of The Secret Life of Bees, a magnificent novel about two unforgettable American women.

Writing at the height of her narrative and imaginative gifts, Sue Monk Kidd presents a masterpiece of hope, daring, the quest for freedom, and the desire to have a voice in the world – and it is now the newest Oprah’s Book Club 2.0 selection.

Hetty “Handful” Grimke, an urban slave in early nineteenth century Charleston, yearns for life beyond the suffocating walls that enclose her within the wealthy Grimke household. The Grimke’s daughter, Sarah, has known from an early age she is meant to do something large in the world, but she is hemmed in by the limits imposed on women.

Kidd’s sweeping novel is set in motion on Sarah’s eleventh birthday, when she is given ownership of ten year old Handful, who is to be her handmaid. We follow their remarkable journeys over the next thirty five years, as both strive for a life of their own, dramatically shaping each other’s destinies and forming a complex relationship marked by guilt, defiance, estrangement and the uneasy ways of love.

As the stories build to a riveting climax, Handful will endure loss and sorrow, finding courage and a sense of self in the process. Sarah will experience crushed hopes, betrayal, unrequited love, and ostracism before leaving Charleston to find her place alongside her fearless younger sister, Angelina, as one of the early pioneers in the abolition and women’s rights movements…Read more.

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John C.

stars_4 Very inspiring story!




Lisa M.

stars_4-5 I was really impressed by this book. A beautiful novel. 




William P.

stars_3-5 Not bad.

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Sue Monk Kidd: The Invention of Wings Audio Book Summary

The Invention of wings is a work of the American novelist Sue Monk Kidd, best known for his book The Secret Life of Bees.

The Invention of wings, is about the story of Sarah Grimke. The book begins with the eleventh birthday of the protagonist. As a gift, her wealthy father gives her a slave of ten years. His first impulse is to reject the gift, as he can not do it, he decides to grant freedom to the little slave, his dad does not make it simple, so that Sarah has no choice but to keep his gift, but since that day, Decides to treat her as an equal and even teach her to read and write.

download-sue-monk-kidd-the-invention-of-wings-audiobookThe mother of the little slave also serves in the house of the Grimké, but it manages to escape leaving its daughter to its luck. The relationship between Sarah and Handful the little slave, is deteriorating as they grow and the social and racial differences between them are becoming increasingly marked.

Sarah is older, moves to Philadelphia for reasons of greater cause and meets a group of Quakers, there, will begin the real struggle to defend their abolitionist and feminist ideas next to their sister Angelina that second in its ideology, its main weapon , Will be the floor.

Grimké is considered historically as one of the first feminists and activists of racial equality in America, who rebelled against all who transgressed the rights of the race of color, including her own family.

Sue Monk Kidd achieves a fantastic work, with a great balance between historical facts and fiction, the characters are based on real figures of women who sought to change the course of history, with no ambition other than assert their voice in favor of What they considered fair.

It is a book that poses the position of women in a society where it was not allowed to seek autonomy or defend freedom of thought or expression. A society where the objective of the free woman was to find a husband, shows that even when white women were not slaves, they were not entirely free. And on the other hand, black women were not even considered human beings.

It shows a perspective on the pain with which they had to learn to live the slaves, not only to be degraded and humiliated, but to always be separated from their loved ones without even being allowed to express their feelings.

Plasma was a society decadent in values, where the rich could afford to be served by people who were nothing more than objects to them. And in the middle of all this, the existence of a character so different from his family that broke with all paradigm pursuing an ideal.

The book, beautifully narrated, values ​​such as loyalty, friendship, brotherhood and love predominate. It’s a powerful story with a great message. The reader must be prepared to experience diverse emotions as he / she goes through the pages.

A work really recommended by the historical burden, the original inventiveness, the deep message, the beautiful story.