The Four Agreements

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Don Miguel Ruiz: The Four Agreements Audio Book Summary

Are you looking for a detailed summary of ìthe four agreementsî by Miguel Ruiz? If so, this guide will give you all of the information youíre looking for. With this in mind, letís get straight to it.

don miguel ruiz the four agreements audiobook mp3To begin with, the four agreements promises to be a practical guide to personal freedom, and its author, Miguel Ruiz, is one of the foremost experts on ancient Toltec Wisdom ñ which he claims the four agreements are based on.

Interestingly, this book has received some fantastic reviews, and itís long been a popular bestseller in self-help and self-improvement categories. So what exactly are the four agreements and how can they benefit you? Well, letís take a closer look.

The book begins with an explanation of humanís domestication, and how our society and conditioning affects our behaviors, thought patterns, and overall experience of life. With this explained in great depth, Miguel Ruiz lays a strong foundation that paves the way to learning the four agreements and how they can grant you true personal freedom.

The first agreement is ìbe impeccable with your wordî, and while it may seem simple at first glance, Miguel Ruiz goes into great depth here, and explains the importance of telling the truth and being honest with yourself and others.

He explains the incredible damage that negative words can have, regardless of whether they are spoken to others or even to yourself. Ultimately, learning to be impeccable with your word is about respecting the incredible powers that words can have, and honoring their importance in your day-to-day life.

The second agreement is ìdonít take anything personallyî, and as the phrase suggests, this agreement is all about learning how to not let other peopleís thoughts and behavior affect you on a personal level.

Of course, while other people may influence your thoughts and emotions, Miguel Ruiz quickly explains how another personís behavior towards you has little to do with you and is more about them and their overall life situation. Taken to an extreme, Miguel Ruiz points out that even if somebody points a gun to your head and pulls the trigger, you shouldnít take it personally, because the behavior is fuelled purely by the other personís perceptions, and has little bearing on who you truly are as a person.

The third agreement is ìdonít make assumptionsî, and this agreement focuses on the fact that we can never truly understand somebody elseís circumstances, so making assumptions about them will invariably be wrong. Even in the best case scenario, your assumptions may lead you to miss the vital facts that are visible right in front of your eyes, so itís important to avoid making assumptions whenever you can.

The fourth and final agreement is ìalways do your bestî, and even though this may sound simplistic, it explains the absolute importance of always ensuring you try to do your best with any endeavor you undertake.

Ultimately, this gives you the peace of mind that you have given something your all, and you will learn that this can give you the fullest sense of contentment life has to offer ñ regardless of the results you achieve.


Overall, the four agreements is a timeless classic full of ancient Toltec Wisdom that can make a real difference in your life. As such, itís well worth reading a copy of this book for yourself and learning the many lessons within.