The Fortress: A Love Story

the-fortress-a-love-story-audiobook-mp3Unabridged Audiobook
Written By: Danielle Trussoni
Narrated By: Danielle Trussoni
Publisher: HarperCollins
Duration: 10 Hours 02 Minutes

Book Rating: stars_4-5



Summary: The critically acclaimed, bestselling author of Falling Through the Earth and Angelology returns with this much-anticipated memoir of love and transformation in France.

The Fortress is Peter Mayle meets Eat, Pray, Love, a gorgeously written account of one woman’s journey to the other side of the romantic fairytale.”If I had been another woman, I might have been skeptical. But I wasn’t another woman. I was a woman ready to be swept away. I was a woman ready for her story to begin. As a writer….Read more.

User Reviews

Anne S.

stars_4 Simply amazing! This is such a sad and heartfelt story, and it’s amazing to know that it’s her own life story. Trussoni truly poured her heart and soul into this one!



Lisa M.

stars_4-5 Wow. Just wow. This book feels like it could have been written about my own life. Such wonderful love and tragic heartbreak. An instant classic. If you’ve ever struggled in a relationship with someone you love, this book is a must-listen!



Marie M.

stars_3-5 Loved hearing the author’s voice on the narration. Overall a good but sad story.

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Danielle Trussoni: The Fortress A Love Story Audio Book Summary

The Fortress: A Love Story, is an exciting new novel from critically acclaimed writer Danielle Trussoni, the author of modern classics and international bestsellers Angelology and Falling Through The Earth.

Trussoni seems to have another great masterpiece on her hands with The Fortress, based on early reviews of its publication.

danielle-trussoni-the-fortress-audiobook-downloadReleased in September 2016, the book is poised to strike at the nation’s leading book lists and create something of a storm. Trussoni has a dedicated following that she has cultivated with her earlier works, which makes The Fortress likely to succeed well beyond all previous expectations!

Unlike her other works, however, The Fortress: A Love Story is a detailed and intimate account of Trussoni’s own life. A well-written and mellifluous memoir, she treats herself and her husband as if they were the subjects of one of her magical novels. Details leap off the page and make the intertwining of their lives spring to life.

The book begins with how she and her husband fell deeply in love, and a sort of romantic magic realism, and then how that love fell apart over the years, each of them slowly drifting away from the other. It’s this level of honesty and intimacy that makes the book so powerful, as it is a rare glimpse into one of the most common themes in modern-day life: the slow but gradual death of a marriage.

I applaud Trussoni for opening herself up in this work, and expect that the story will earn the hearts and minds of millions of readers across the globe. This is a must-read memoir that has the intrigue and twists of an epic novel, while being grounded firmly in the realities of the author’s life and marriage. Don’t miss your chance to read this great work!