The Fellowship of the Ring

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About The Fellowship of the Ring

fellowship of the ring audiobookThe Fellowship of the Ring is the first novel in the infamous fantasy Lord of the Rings trilogy by author J.R.R. Tolkien.

The book tells the tale of a group of travelers that journey across Middle Earth in an effort to destroy an evil ring that threatens to conquer the world.

The legend holds that millenia ago a series of rings were forged by a dark lord, with the intent of deceiving the kingdoms of Middle Earth into a false sense of security and power. By forging rings for each of the main kingdoms, the dark lord, Sauron, was able to create a single ring of power that could rule them all, and was almost successful at conquering the entire Earth in a massive war.

Only an alliance among all kingdoms was able to save the threat of darkness, and the one ring of power was lost for centuries.

In the prequel to the series, The Hobbit audiobook tells the story of how the ring of power re-emerged and found its way into the hands of Bilbo Baggins, a hobbit, a race known for their simplicity of life and lack of desire to rise to power.

In The Fellowship of the Ring, Bilbo bequests the ring to his nephew Frodo, and, under the watchful eye of Gandalf the Grey, Frodo embarks with his friend Sam and two other Hobbits to go to Rivendale, one of the kingdoms of the elves.

They are joined by Aragon, a ranger and heir to the realm of men, and in Rivendale a council is held to discuss the fate of the ring. It is agreed that a single party, consisting of 9 members, comprised of the hobbits, Gandalf, men, a dwarf, and an elf, is sent out to make their way across Middle Earth and into the land of Mordor, a dark realm where the ring was forged.

The objective of the quest is to destroy the ring in the fires of Mount Doom, the volcano within Mordor where the ring was first made.

Along the way, the group encounters a number of obstacles and challenges, as Sauron, who is still weak but grows in power everyday, attempts to send orc armies to capture the group and take control of the ring.

The novel ends after the largest of these attacks is successful in killing Borodor, one of the men in the fellowship, and convincing Frodo to separate from the main group, as he believes he is their main source of conflict. The novel (and movie) ends with Frodo leaving accompanied only by his friend Sam.

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