The Count of Monte Cristo

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The Count Of Monte Cristo Audio Book: Plot Summary

the count of monte cristo audio mp3 quoteThe Count of Monte Cristo is a book written by Alexandre Dumas, French author, in 1844. It is one of the author’s bestselling works along with The Three Musketeers. The story is about a young man named Edmond Dantes who have plans of marrying a beautiful girl named Mercedes. But then, his dreams were shattered when his best friend Fernand betrays him because he also likes Mercedes. Edmond used his brilliant strategies to be able to make revenge against the people who deceived him.

Edmond Dantes almost has a perfect life. At a young age, he becomes a ship captain and everyone around him admires his personality. He is about to marry a beautiful and loving woman named Mercedes. However, there are also some people who are envious of Dantesí accomplishments. His neighbor, Caderousse, is so envious of his lucky life; Danglars, who is the treasurer of the ship, is jealous of his career promotion; and his best friend, Fernand Mondego, is attracted to Mercedes. These three men worked together to make a letter accusing Dantes of a crime.

Meanwhile, Dantes’ dying friend, Leclere, asked him to deliver a package to the Napoleon Bonapartists on Elba and a letter to an unknown man in Paris. On the night of his wedding, the three men sent the letter accusing Dantes of being a Bonapartist traitor. Dantes was arrested the next day.

A deputy crown prosecutor named Villefort discovered that the letter Dantes was carrying is addressed to his father who is a Bonapartist. He destroyed the letter because it will affect his ambitions and reputation. But then, he condemned Dantes to life imprisonment so as to make everything a secret.

After six years of being behind bars, Dantes has planned to commit suicide, but he meets a prisoner who is trying to escape. Abbe Faria and Dantes escaped through the tunnel but they were led to another prisoners’ cell. For the next eight years, Faria and Dantes became good friends. Faria taught Dantes about language, culture and science. He also explained the reasons why Dantes’ friend had framed him up to the crime.

When Faria discovers that he is about to die soon because of an inherited disease, he told Dantes about the treasure kept in the Monte Cristo island. When Faria died, Dantes found a way to escape by hiding Fariaís body back to their original cell through the tunnel and taking his place on the burial.

He was thrown by the guards at the sea and he was saved by a smuggling ship. He worked with the smugglers for several months. One time, they stopped at the island of Monte Cristo. Dantes faked an injury and asked the smugglers to leave him on the island. He discovered the hidden treasure and decided to leave the smuggling business and bought a yacht for himself. Upon returning to Marseille, Dantes decided to help the people who were kind to him and to seek revenge for those who have been parts of his sufferings.