The Code of the Extraordinary Mind

the-code-of-the-extraordinary-mind-audiobook-mp3Unabridged Audiobook
Written By: Vishen Lakhiani
Narrated By: Vishen Lakhiani
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Duration: 9 Hours 01 Minutes

Book Rating: stars_4-5



Summary: What if everything we think we know about how the world works-our ideas of love, education, spirituality, work, happiness, and love-are based on Brules (bullsh*t rules) that get passed from generation to generation and are long past their expiration date?This book teaches you to think like some of the greatest non-conformist minds of our era, to question, challenge, hack, and create new rules for YOUR life so you can define success on your own terms. The Code of the Extraordinary Mind is a…Read more.

User Reviews

Evelyn S.

stars_4 Absolutely amazing. I stumbled across Mindvalley a few months ago and am consistently impressed with everything they produce.




Eric L.

stars_4-5 This book will change your life. A wonderful perspective on how to live and achieve your dreams.




Annie H.

stars_3-5 Very good, Engaging narration.

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Vishen Lakhiani: The Code of the Extraordinary Mind Audio Book Summary

Vishen Lakhiani was born in Malaysia, but changed his residence to Michigan in 1995, majored in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Michigan, it is where you have an approach to AIESEC, a student group whose aim was to make young people leaders of the future. In 2001 he moved to New York because of a new job, he practiced meditation and studied the method taught by Jose Silva, he uan once dominated the subject he became qualified and began teaching instructor, is now developing its own philosophy and he became one of the most renowned authors today.

vishen-lakhiani-code-of-the-extraordinary-mind-audiobookIn his audiobook The Code of the Extraordinary Mind: 10 Unconventional Laws To Redefine Your Life and Succeed On Your Own Terms he argues that one should question everything, learn to think like the great minds of our time, be bold and create new personal rules, in search of love, wisdom, respect, strengthening the spirit, the pursuit of happiness and the meaning of life, “The Code of the Extraordinary mind “serves as a model for recycling our mind and remove what does not serve us, learn to succeed with our own methods.
The main feature or more marked difference between a prodigious mind and a mediocre one is not being conformist. These minds question, challenge and not kept quiet, define their own rules that define the way of your success.
The Code of the Extraordinary Mind, can be defined as a new model laws, and is a way to take off the shackles of a mediocre life, no matter what time you are going through your life, no matter what state decides you start any day to build an extraordinary life, make our mark in this world. This book is about knowing our own limits and then overcome them understand our reality see what our situation then find a new level, find happiness possible, but mostly find self-love.
This paper aims to remove from our being the traditional thinking in the reader, there are a number of corrosive thoughts imposed on us and we are supposed to believe. Vishen Lakshiani uses simple and very personal anecdotes about personal achievements and also of his close friends, to enlighten and liberate ourselves from what he calls “Brules” (Rules of Shit) then it is time to create new models of reality to create an extraordinary mind . For Lakshiani there are a number of “transcendent practices” which are gratitude, forgiveness, self esteem, a positive attitude, learn from our failures. Vishen Lakshiani is responsible for creating a code for an optimistic life.
A mind without limits is something possible to achieve a kind of engineering of the mind and consciousness, thanks to his book Lakshiani has helped thousands of people obtain important changes in your life. Vishen Lakshiani is one of the most influential people on issues of personal growth that currently exist, The Code of the Extraordinary Mind can change the search term success and happiness and guide the reader to achieve all your goals.