Tears To Triumph

tears-to-triumph-audiobook-mp3Unabridged Audiobook
Written By: Marianne Williamson
Narrated By: Marianne Williamson
Publisher: HarperCollins
Duration: 6 Hours 43 Minutes

Book Rating: stars_4-5



Summary: The internationally recognized teacher, speaker, and New York Times bestselling author of A Return to Love argues that our desire to avoid pain is actually detrimental to our lives, disconnecting us from our deepest emotions and preventing true healing and spiritual transcendence.Marianne Williamson is a bestselling author, world-renowned teacher, and one of the most important spiritual voices of our time. In Tears to Triumph, she argues that we,as a culture and as individuals,have learned to…Read more.

User Reviews

Katie P.

stars_4 Incredible journey of overcoming loss and grief. A must read.




Kim E.

stars_4-5 If you’re on a spiritual path of any kind, you must read this book!




Tina H.

stars_3-5 Simply wonderful. A story of love and triumph. We need more people like this in our world.

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Marianna Williamson: Tears to Triumph Audio Book Summary

Marianne Williamson is an author, teacher and recognized worldwide, is credited with many bestseller and is one of the most respected spiritual speakers today. Portavos the New York Times, in its philosophy she argues that when love clings to the desire to avoid pain is actually counterproductive in our lives, ignoring our deepest and rejecting a healing of the spirit emotions to transcend our being.

marianne-williamson-tears-to-triumphIn his work Tears to Triumph, it states that people culturally and as individuals reject automatically pain, however when we do this we also do aside the important work of spiritual healing, Williamson proposes not deny ourselves the opportunity to face value our griefs, learn to assimilate the pain, because it can be sedated, we can eradicate it with treatment, if we do this all life will be stalking us as we never had the courage to accept and discard. If we deny suffering is like denying ourselves, we stopped at the door the opportunity to reflect and learn something new, to acquire wisdom on the long road we call life, and this is also limited, sometimes suffering precedes enlightenment, static for denial do not give rise to that happen. Marianne Williamson talks about how many companies have accumulated wealth yet its spirit remains poor.

Marianne Williamson leaves a clear message about true healing and how important it is when we face and embrace with great stoicism to our pain, then calmly and naturally comes learning, wisdom, “Tears to Triumph” is a powerful allegory to value and how to break through and pass between pain, accept that no matter how successful we are or how miserable we feel will always come a little more where that came from, then we have to face the challenge and succeed, the reward; a pure and deep knowledge about ourselves.

Quoting the poet Kahlil Gibran, “Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls. The strongest characters are riddled with scars.” Our bathroom of fire can be a sacred ritual in a deep experience of solitude, this only in order to turn the path that leads us towards a better future.

In Tears to Triumph, the author sinks into a deep depression and emerges only to offer us a clever way to ease our own burden, this book despite appearing somewhat obscure maintains a familiar rhythm, since it is Williamson who is exemplified and speaks from experience, they are not examples are in theory but opens us and personally, share your message, and this is very convenient since more than one can be identified and makes a useful and understandable text.