Real Magic

wayne dyer real magic audiobook mp3Unabridged Audiobook
Written By: Wayne Dyer
Narrated By: Wayne Dyer
Publisher: Nightingale-Conant Spiritual Growth
Duration: 5Hours 59 Minutes

Book Rating: stars_4-5




Summary: All of the great religions focus on it. And important thinkers, philosophers, and artists in history have talked about receiving inspiration from it. It is the great voice of beyond (and within) ourselves, surrounding and suffusing everything and everyone. It’s the power to access true love, life, creativity, and peace. And whatever your particular faith names it, you can work miracles in your life with this power. Real Magic is about getting closer to the spiritual part of yourself, the divine core of serenity, the part of yourself that knows the truths of your faith. This is a guide for shifting your mind-set to experiencing a world where real magic is not only possible, it’s practical. Real magic happens when you learn to create in your life what you previously thought to be impossible…Read more.

User Reviews

Mia W.

stars_4 I’m a big Wayne Dyer fan and this book is no exception!




Sara S.

stars_4-5 Great read for anyone interested in how to attract better circumstances into their life.




William P.

stars_5 I’m not a spiritual person, but I found this book very down to earth and relatable. A good read even if you’re not into New Age topics.

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Wayne Dyer: Real Magic Audio Book Summary

Wayne Dyer is one of the most popular authors of success and spiritual books of the last generation. Once hailed as one of the top 10 most spiritual people in the world, his books have been read worldwide and continue to influence millions of people despite the passing of the author a few years ago.

wayne dyer real magic quoteReal Magic: Making Miracles in All Areas of Your Life is a book written by Dyer in the early 1990s, and addresses the concept of creating unexplainable, spiritual magic through synchronicity in one’s day to day life. By his definition, magic is not something for the occult, and doesn’t necessarily refer to anything that defies the physical laws of the universe, but rather refers to the act of achieving something that you previously believed was highly improbable or impossible.

Dyer outlines a few core principles we can follow in order to achieve these types of occurrences in our lives. The first and perhaps most important, is to recognize that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience, not the other way around. By viewing your human body as an extension of your broader spiritual self (which you can call God, a Higher Self, a Soul, or anything else you’d like) you begin to open yourself to magic occurring in your life. Receptivity to this idea is perhaps the single most important key, and one of the most difficult for many people to accept.

Once you are receptive to the idea of synchronocity (the occurrence of “magic” or “miracles” that seem improbable and hard to explain) you open yourself to the idea of those things happening. This is key, because belief is the number one ingredient for allowance. When you believe that something is possible, you lay the foundation for that thing to happen in your life.

Also important is the ability to relax and fall into a state of harmonious flow with life. When you do this, you allow God or the universe to work through you. Dyer comments that both with his writing and his speaking, he feels he has the most powerful impact when he is able to relax his conscious, critical mind, and simply move with the flow of an intangible energy. This idea of desiring and intending without forcing is a key point to remember.

Regardless of what type of miracle you want to create for yourself in your life, whether that has to do with financial abundance, health, healing hurt relationships, or any other area of your life, the principles outlined in Real Magic are sure to help. At the very least, you’ll gain a new, unique perspective that will challenge you to re-think the approach you currently take towards your life, and hopefully will allo you to enter into higher states of ease, fulfillment, and joy.