One For The Money

one-for-the-money-audiobook-mp3Unabridged Audiobook
Written By: Janet Evanovich
Narrated By: C.J. Critt
Publisher: Recorded Books
Duration: 8 Hours 32 Minutes

Book Rating: stars_4



Summary: You’ve lost your job as a department store lingerie buyer, your car’s been repossessed, and most of your furniture and small appliances have been sold off to pay last month’s rent. Now the rent is due again. And you live in New Jersey. What do you do?

If you’re Stephanie Plum, you become a bounty hunter. But not just a nickel-and-dime bounty hunter; you go after the big money. That means a cop gone bad. And not just any cop. She goes after Joe Morelli, a disgraced former vice cop who is also the man who took Stephanie’s virginity at age 16 and then wrote details on a bathroom wall. With pride and rent money on the line, Plum plunges headlong into her first case, one that pits her against ruthless adversaries – people who’d rather kill than lose.

The New York Times Book Review calls Stephanie Plum “a Jersey girl with Bette Middler’s mouth and Cher’s fashion sense.” In Stephanie Plum, Evanovich has created a resourceful and humorous character who stands apart from the pack of gritty female detectives…Read more.

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Janet Evanovich: One For The Money Audio Book Summary

Janet Evanovich is the author of One for the Money, work that belongs to the series of Stephanie Pluma. Stephanie has appeared in 22 books, 4 holiday novels, and a short story in a compilation of works by several authors. The first book, One for the Money, was published in 199 4 in the United States and in 1995 in Great Britain, was so successful that it became the # 1 bestseller of The New York Times and was adapted in 2012 for the large screen.

download-janet-evanovich-one-for-the-money-audiobookStephanie Plum is going through difficult times, she has lost her job as a lingerie buyer, she has lost her car, she has pawned her valuables, and she has accounts payable, She has not told her parents or her funny grandmother Manzur that she has been left without Job, so that they do not kick him out of the house and his hamster Rex, decides to venture into the work of hunting rewards in the company of his cousin Vinnie, without suspecting that would lead to adventures out of series with an old acquaintance.

Stephanie’s first job will be to apprehend a criminal in the amount of $ 10,000. The fugitive, is nothing more and nothing less than the suspect in a murder, Joe Morelli, with whom Stephanie had had close encounters in the past.

What follows in the development of the plot, is the fun hunt of a singular man in which Stephanie will have to learn to improvise solutions to the obstacles that are presented to him.

Joe Morelli will prove to be very difficult to catch, soon, Stephanie will realize that Morelli’s case is more complicated than what she supposed he would be and will have to collaborate with him to solve an even bigger case in which they are implicated A butcher, a mysterious lady, a local celebrity and his agent.

The characters keep the plot entertained at all times, Stephanie no doubt we like, is an average woman who must do a job for which she is not prepared to pay her debts and survive, there will be nothing to stop her from fulfilling her mission.

And Joe, well, it’s a character that especially likes women, it’s that bad boy troubled and brave with a little good that makes him so attractive.

In short, the Plum stories are loaded with tons of fun. She is an atypical heroine who is not a woman with super powers or with lots of money, is the classic girl next door, the average woman who must deal with complications in a creative way.

One for the money, is an adventure story with a little humor, a light play, fun with a fast pace, an uncomplicated reading ideal for entertaining a weekend.