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Charles Dickens: Oliver Twist Audio Book Summary

The story of Oliver Twist was written by author Charles Dickens, published in 1837. It revolves around an orphan boy by the name of Oliver Twist. At a young age, he is working in a workhouse for children, sold into apprenticeship to an undertaker, and later escapes into the city of London. It is there that he meets a character by the name of Artful Dodger, and subsequently an elderly criminal by the name of Fagin. After being tested by the gang to become a pickpocket, he attempts to steal the wallet of Mr. Brownlow, is subsequently caught, and released into the custody of Mr. Brownlow.

After Mr. Brownlow makes an inquiry about Oliver, recognizing certain facial characteristics that are familiar, Oliver is drawn back into the gang after being tested by Mr. Brownlow’s friend Mr. Grimwig, caught by two characters called Nancy and Sikes. A woman by the name of Sally who dies received a pledge from Oliver’s mother. It led to a ring that was held by Mr. and Mrs. Bumble, a ring that had the name Agnes inscribed on it. Fagin was working with a character by the name of Monks, who throws this ring into the river. It is not until later when Nancy is bludgeoned to death by Sikes after being revealed as a spy, that they begin to learn the truth about Oliver Twist.

audiobook oliver twist downloadThe story takes a unique twist when Mr. Brownlow tracks down Monks and actually abducts him, taking into his home. After questioning him, he reluctantly discloses many of the details about who he is, and also the identity of Oliver. It is only through this encounter that the mystery is resolved where Mr. Brownlow is able to remember bits and pieces of his past, and also a relationship that he had long ago. It is this relationship, and members of another family, which brings to light the mystery of who Oliver Twist actually is.

Monks is actually the son of Mr. Brownlow’s sister’s brother, Edwin Leeford, a friend of Brownlow. Leeford had a son by the name of Monks, and shortly after his birth, he and his wife separated. After the separation, Leeford had a relationship with a woman by the name of Agnes Fleming, and Leeford later dies in Paris. This relationship led to a love child who ended up being Oliver Twist, the recipient of Leeford’s inheritance. It is this jealousy that Monks had for his half-brother Oliver, receiving all of the inheritance, that drove him to trying to destroy Oliver’s entire life. By keeping his identity a secret, and eliminating evidence such as the ring, he would eventually be able to somehow obtain the inheritance himself. Fortunately for Oliver, when he chose to pickpocket Mr. Brownlow, his true identity was finally revealed. Mr. Brownlow ends up adopting Oliver, and they settle near a parsonage, and the Bumbles lose everything, becoming inmates of the very workhouse where Agnes Fleming passed away, which is how Oliver got there in the first place.