middlemarch-audiobook-mp3-unabridgedUnabridged Audiobook
Written By: George Eliot
Narrated By: Juliet Stevenson
Publisher: Naxos Audiobooks
Duration: 35 Hours 40 Minutes

Book Rating: stars_4-5




Summary: Dorothea Brooke is an ardent idealist who represses her vivacity and intelligence for the cold, theological pedant Casaubon. One man understands her true nature: the artist Will Ladislaw. But how can love triumph against her sense of duty and Casaubon’s mean spirit? Meanwhile, in the little world of Middlemarch, the broader world is mirrored: the world of politics, social change, and reforms, as well as betrayal, greed, blackmail, ambition, and disappointment.

Dorothea Brooke is an outstanding heroine; Middlemarch is filled with characters that are vivid and true, comic and moving. It is one of the greatest novels in the English language…Read more.

User Reviews

Katie P.

stars_4 A timeless classic.




Monique M.

stars_4-5 George Eliot’s best work.




Sara S.

stars_3-5 Had to read it for school. Not my favorite. Too long.


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George Eliot: Middlemarch Audio Book Summary

Middlemarch was written in the year 1871 by George Eliot. It is a novel that is situated in the Victorian era in the fictional city of Middlemarch and that tells the story of three couples and their intertwined stories.
Dorothea Brooke stands out especially in the work. It was a personage very advanced both to the time in which it situates the history as to the time in which the book was written.

Dorothea Brooke is an educated, intelligent and tender woman who wants a social reform in contrast to the square thinking of her husband Casaubon, Dorothea is disappointed to realize that she does not meet the intellectual qualities or ideals she longs for. With her second husband Ladislaw, she ends up being satisfied. Her feminist and revolutionary spirit is set aside for love, however, although she is in love, her personality gives the impression of being annulled.

The second story of Middlemarch introduces us to the young doctor Tertius Lydgate, who belongs to a family of high social standing, but does not have his own resources. Its ambition is to be able to carry out novel investigations and to lead to Middlemarch a little of the science, medicine and public health of other cities. To carry out his projects he must achieve commercial partnerships that lead him to establish an alliance with a man of distant past.
On the other hand, Lydgate marries the sister of the protagonist of the last story of the work Rosamond Vincy. She is a beautiful-looking woman who at first thinks she is good to him, but as time goes by she realizes that she does not share the goals he has. In contrast, she is a woman who only seeks to preserve her social position and have a life full of luxury. Lydgate sees all his dreams destroyed.

The third story illustrates the Garth family, contrasts in a certain way with the first stories, this one deals with a family of good people, educated with values ​​and morality, is the only story with a happy ending. In that its protagonist personages Fred Vincy and Mary Garth manage to be happy thanks to that the first one has received to receive the love of Mary.

The book of Eliot sought to reflect, in general terms, the social reality of the time with the process of modernization of England from 1829 to 1832. The novel is subtitled Study of provincial life for being precisely an approach to the multiplicity of life forms And thoughts within a locality.

The work of George Eliot is intelligent, it develops at a good pace. It gives us deep characters with well-thought personalities that are far from the recurring characters of the novel of that time.