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Lee Child: Make Me Audio Book Summary

On September 8, 2015, Lee Child returned to his popular Jack Reacher series with Make Me. This marks the 20th installment for the popular suspense thriller franchise, and it was released to incredible acclaim. It became a #1 New York Times best seller, and several “best books of the year” lists named it among 2015’s most gripping stories. It even received praise from fellow author Stephen King. With clever dialogue, a gripping array of twisting and turning plots, and a kinetic sense of suspense, Make Me has shown why Child has been considered one of the top authors in the genre, and the Reacher series has been shown to have plenty of life left.

When the book kicks off, there’s literally only one thing that Reacher is trying to find out. There’s a town called Mother’s Rest, and it seems that its origins or any information about it are being obscured from him at every turn. Mother’s Rest is the sort of place that’s very much “off the map.” It’s basically lost in the midst of wheat fields, and anyone around always seems to have an uncomfortably watchful eye. Of course, it isn’t long before the locale proves to be much more eventful than its appearances would have you believe.

lee child quotes make me mp3 downloadReacher encounters a woman by the name of Michelle Chang. She immediately mistakes him for a private investigation partner that has gone missing. The proceedings started out small enough, but she has the nagging suspicion that matters may have taken a turn for the worst. In fact, whatever really happened might have even been lethal. Given the natural intrigue, Reacher can’t help but allow himself to get wrapped up in the dilemma. After all, it’s not as if he has anywhere else better to go at the time! It doesn’t hurt that Chang has a certain mystifying allure that definitely helps lure him in.

After all that Reacher has been through in the series, he naturally thinks he must have seen it all by now. Whatever is going on in Mother’s Rest and with Michelle Chang can’t possibly all that bad, right? As you would expect, nothing is ever that simple. The man seems to be a magnet for perpetually escalating situations. As this particular story unfolds, he finds himself taking on the brunt of an insane jaunt through multiple cities including Chicago, San Francisco, Pheonix, and LA, and opposition the likes of assassins and thugs are in ample supply along the way.

It’s quite a mess, to say the least. Unexplored areas of the internet even factor in at one point, and by the end, it naturally all leads right back to Mother’s Rest. What unfolds there is literally a nightmare scenario. And yet, there’s still no backing down for Jack Reacher. It would have been so much easier to take this little town at face value and walk away altogether. However, now that he’s in the midst of the seedy goings on beneath the surface, there’s no stopping him. True to the book’s title, Reacher’s stance is as follows: “To make me stop, you’ll have to make me!”