Lean In

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Written By: Sheryl Sandberg
Narrated By: Elisa Donovan
Publisher: Random House Audio
Duration: 6 Hours 29 Minutes

Book Rating: stars_4-5




Summary: Sheryl Sandberg–Facebook COO, ranked eighth on Fortune’s list of the 50 Most Powerful Women in Business–has become one of America’s most galvanizing leaders, and an icon for millions of women juggling work and family. In Lean In, she urges women to take risks and seek new challenges, to find work that they love, and to remain passionately engaged with it at the highest levels throughout their lives.
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User Reviews

Marie M.

stars_4 Fascinating, relevant, and practical. A must read for any woman entrepreneur or executive.




Lisa M.

stars_4-5 Probably one of the most inspiring books I’ve ever read. I’d recommend it to both men and women.



Kevin R.

stars_3-5 Phenomenal. Lots of great insight. Not just for women!

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Lean In Audio Book Free Summary

Lean in is an inspiring book by Sherly Sandberg that is aimed at inciting women into taking the front seat in matters political and economical. The book is based on the premise that the role played by women in the business world especially in leadership position is slowly dwindling. So ideally the book is about telling the average woman that it is time to lean in more to their career as opposed to focusing more on their families.

sheryl sandberg lean in audiobookFor long now women have been comfortable taking the back seat when it comes to career opportunities. It really doesnít take a genius to realize the truth in this statement. In her moving book, she talks about the ever widening gap that exists in leadership ambition on the part of women. She does not also fail to mention the double standard nature of how this ambition and desire to lead is perceived in men and women.

Success and likeability for men goes hand-in-hand. In fact the two are like two peas in a pod. However, the same does not apply to women. In the case of women success is attributed to arrogance a thing that has seen most successful women become socially less likeable. She argues that this should not be the case as the same principles that apply to the male gender should be adopted in totality when the subject matter is a woman.

audiobook lean in women work and the will to lead quoteShe also emphasizes the need for women to spend more time at work instead of embracing their ìhousewifeî status. Women have traditionally been the ones who have to leave their jobs in order to attend to family matters. She criticizes the western culture that prepares the girl child for family responsibilities as opposed to their career lives.

The lean in philosophy that she advocates for entails continuing with work long into pregnancy. In order to do that, women (those who already have kids) are supposed to hire child care services in order to give them enough time to concentrate with their careers. And if you are thinking that what she is asking of women is impossible, then you are very wrong.

Sandberg is living proof that women can do much more than take care of children. As a mother of two kids herself, she was able to stay in high-ranking executive positions while having and raising her kids. Her ideas seem to contradict those proposed earlier on by yet another influential woman by the name of Arianna Huffington.

Critics of her work have cited various circumstances whereby Sandbergís philosophies would not be applicable. A case in point is where the woman is a single mother with no resources to hire a help. Asking this woman to dedicate her time to her career would be comparable to asking her to neglect her children. The other issue raised is that most of the women are not privileged, probably as she was, enough to hire help in the first place.

Others have held that the lean in philosophy doesnít and would not always work. It will only work if the woman is empowered enough. Other women must start leaning in one step at a time in order to succeed. In conclusion, this book is a must read for everyone and women can really learn a lot from it. The criticisms drawn against it also hold. Just enjoy the book!
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