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Bill O’Reilly: Killing Reagan Audio Book Summary

Bill OíReilly and Martin Dugard have made a name for themselves by creating the Killing series. In September 22, 2015, they released the fifth instalment in the series titled, Killing Reagan. It covers the attempted assassination of former US President Ronald Reagan in 1981. Although it received a lot of negative feedback from historians and critics, the book went on to top The New York Times Best Sellers List.

The story is told in an extremely riveting fashion, following the steps of the other books in the Killing series. It starts off with Ronald Reaganís rise to power, highlighting the golden days of Hollywood. This was a time when Reagan experienced both fame and heartbreak. The book also contains accounts during Reaganís reign as the Governor of California. It also covers his transition to the White House and the highs and lows of his administration. OíReilly and Dugard offer what happened behind the scenes, depicting a vivid picture of Reagan and how he managed to operate even in violent times.

Just 2 months after being named President of the United States, Ronald Reagan nearly died after being shot by John Hinckley Jr. He was delivering a speech on March 30, 1981 at the Washington Hilton hotel. The bullet missed Reaganís heart by only a few inches. This near death experience nearly changed the course of history. But almost by a miracle, Reagan was able to survive and continue serving as US president.

OíReilly claims that the assassination attempt traumatized Reagan. This caused him to become mentally incompetent, almost forcing his senior aides to remove Reagan from office by using the Constitutionís 25th Amendment. However, historians and Reagan biographers explain that these claims have no basis. They criticized OíReilly and Dugard for making false claims, saying that they did not even attempt to speak with any of the senior aides they were referring to.

In response to the criticisms thrown at him, OíReilly says that those who try to disprove any of the information contained in his book are only jealous. But the Reagan biographers stand by what they know, explaining that they are better informed than OíReilly when it comes to the facts about the life of Ronald Reagan.

These criticisms have been published in the Washington Post. The historical inaccuracies and attempted fabrications are highlighted to inform the public and let them know about what actually happened during and after Reaganís attempted assassination. The Reagan Library also does not sell killing Reagan, saying that it is not a historical account of Reaganís life.

Despite all the negative feedback, National Geographic announced only a week after release that the book will be adapted into a television film. It is expected that the film will be released sometime in the fall of 2016. This presents a new challenge for historians and biographers, as the adaptation would likely contain the same factual inaccuracies found in the book. Even Annelise Anderson, who was supposed to fact check the manuscript but ultimately bailed on the project, said that OíReilly and Dugard were trying to distort history.