free dan brown inferno audiobook mp3Unabridged Audiobook
Written By: Dan Brown
Narrated By: Paul Michael
Publisher: Random House
Duration: 6 Hours 56 Minutes

Book Rating: stars_4-5


Summary: With the publication of his groundbreaking novels The Da Vinci Code, The Lost Symbol, and Angels & Demons, Dan Brown has become an international bestselling sensation, seamlessly fusing codes, symbols, art, and history into riveting thrillers that have captivated hundreds of millions of readers around the world. Now, with this stunning special illustrated edition of his record-setting Inferno, brought to life by more than 200 breathtaking color images, Dan Brown takes readers deep into the… Read more.

User Reviews

Eric L.

stars_4 Dan Brown is easily one of my favorite authors. This is yet another instant classic in my mind. A must read!



Mia W.

stars_4-5 Incredible! Captivated at every twist and turn. By far the best of his books yet! Enjoy!!!!




Sally H.

stars_3-5 Overall pretty good, but not my favorite of Dan Brown’s books. After DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons its hard to keep up the track record! A good read nonetheless. If you like Brown’s style you’ll like Inferno.


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Dan Brown: Inferno Audio Book Summary

Robert Langdon, the Harvard professor makes another debut in this book by Dan Brown. Langdon has already been in some of the Dan Brown’s other books, but all of them have been about symbolism and this book is going to follow suit and lead Robert to a world that is going to have a variety of paths for him to take and lead to him needing to figure out the right path to take to find his way to good from the evil that is trying to upset the balance in the world. However, unlike the other books Robert is left dealing with a potential outbreak of a virus that is meant to limit the population of the world.

free dan brown inferno audiobook mp3In this book, Brown is going to take Robert from the confines of a hospital bed for a head injury and no memory. The last memory that he was going to have was going to be from the day that he was walking into Harvard early in the morning. However, when Robert wakes up he is going to be in Florence, which is far away from Harvard university.

After waking up to discover that he is not where he should be Robert starts to search over what may have brought him here. In his jacket Robert would find a vial that was labeled as being biohazard and would be something that had him puzzled to the point that he would call the consulate for help. However, before the consulate forces could reach him, Robert was taken away by someone named Sienna who would be part of the plot and would be a character that would continue to develop in the story as it goes on.

As the story would go on, they would have to use the symbolism that is found in Ancient Rome and other parts of the world to try to find the release point for the sterility drug. However, what people need to realize is the release was actually what Robert was carrying in his pocket and this was something that he did not realize until it was almost to late. During the story Robert and Sienna would face multiple threats on their life and have to deal with these issues as they come up.

At the same time they are dealing with these threats, Robert is starting to see the deception that is being played on him and he starts to have some regrets about what is going on and trying to solve the issues in any way that he can to help turn around his situation that he is having to deal with.

Dan Brown is a master of writing and has not disappointed again in the Inferno book. With Inferno Brown was going to lead Robert Langford, his main character, on a great path and one that would lead the reader hanging on once the plot developed. Before the plot starts to develop the book can be slow reading and be difficult for the reader to get into.