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Heart Of Darkness Audio Free Summary

audiobook heart of darkness download freeHeart of darkness is an intriguing story of an introspective sailor who worked with a Belgian company that is based in the Congo. Marlow, the riverboatís captain, discovers that there is more than what the outside world and especially the people in his home country donít know about the companyís deeds in Africa. As this sailor traverses the continent of Africa following the Cong River in order to meet his colleague Kurtz, he becomes a witness of the injustices happening to the natives under the Belgian occupants.

He discovers that it is not by their own volition that the native communities are working for the company, but that they have somehow been forced into slavery. The suffering and the ill-treatment being accorded to the native communities greatly disturb this sailor forcing him to confide with a brickmaker who also seems to be opposed to the idea of subjecting the locals to forced labor. There seems to be rumors though proposing that Kurtz is very ill.

While all this is going on, Marlow discovered that his ship has been sabotaged. This forces him to stay at the camps for several months awaiting the repair of the ship, a thing that seems to be procrastinated intentionally. When he finally manages to get his steamship fixed, he sets sail together with the brickmaker and a few members of the local community whom he refers to as pilgrims due to their tendency to carry along with them long, wooden staves.

The story goes on to describe his interesting and blood-chilling encounters in the dense Congo forest. There are times when the silence and the serene beauty presented by the intricate network of trees brought feelings of joy to the crew members. The natives were particularly awed by the sounds of the drums that, in the eyes of Marlow, seemed to drive them into a frenzy. They continue their journey with mixed reactions at all points until they encounter a thing that changes their destiny.

heart of darkness audiobook free onlineThe crew of Belgians and natives encounter a rather awkward hut that is stacked with firewood. They discover a note lying on the pile of firewood that portrays a mysterious message warning them to approach cautiously, but one that also invites them to take the firewood. A dense fog then engulfs them and when it subsides, they are attacked by a band of native warriors. Marlow manages to scare the attackers using the shipís steam whistle, but this is not before the African helmsman on board is killed by one of the arrows from the attackers.

On arriving at Kurtzís inner station, they are met with a Russian trader who informs them that Kurtz is still alive contrary to their expectations. The Russian also informs them of Kurtzís newly acquired status as a god among the natives which is why they were attacked in the first place. His brutality and ungodly tactics are evident from the hundreds of severed heads that greet them as they approach his station.

Marlow eventually manages to capture Kurtz and drag him to his steam ship but itís too late as Kurtzís sickness has gotten the best of him and he succumbs to his illnesses. Marlow himself falls sick but he miraculously makes it back to Europe where he is attended to. His return to Africa a year later sees him receive a lot of praise for liberating the natives from their ungodly god.

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