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Wilbur Smith: Golden Lion Audio Book Summary

A Golden Lion is the 14th book in Wilbur Smith’s popular Courtney Family series. Unlike some of the previous titles, this book focuses on the start of the Courtney family’s adventures. It allows readers to meet some characters they have never had a chance to read about before.

wilbur smith golden lion quoteThe book focuses on Hal Courtney, son of Sir Frances Courtney. Hal spent his entire young life at sea. After war erupted between the English and the Dutch, his father made a bold move on England’s behalf. He headed to the coasts of Africa and launched an attack on important ships in the Dutch fleet.

Sadly, Sir Frances’ bold attack ended in betrayal. He was executed for his attack while his son watched on. Hal was heartbroken by what happened to his father, and swore that he would find a way to get revenge.

However, the war between the English and Dutch has finally ended. The two have struck a truce and are no longer fighting over the seas. Hal’s desire for revenge has also started to fade. He is expecting a son of his own, and his worried about keeping his own ship and crew safe.

When Hal is attacked by one of his own men, the memories of his father’s betrayal come rushing back to him. Even though Hal is able to kill his attacker, the events cause a price to be placed on his head.

Hal does everything he can to return to his wife so that he can be there when his child is born. Unfortunately, his wife is captured and taken to Zanziabar by one of the Courtney family’s old enemies, known only as The Buzzard.

The Buzzard intends to use Hal’s wife as bait. His goal is to lure Hal into a trap, where he can kill him and behead him. From there, he will present his head as a gift to the Maharajah. The Buzzard also hopes to gain access to the Courtney family’s buried treasure, which could make him rich beyond all comprehension.

Hal is fully aware that he is walking into a trap, but he will stop at nothing to find his wife. He knows that it is important for him to establish an heir if the Courtney family name is going to live on. Instead of running away from trouble, he prepares for a deadly encounter. He hopes to stop The Buzzard once and for all.

This book will be a thrill ride for anyone who has a passion for historical fantasy. It is set during the reign of Charles II, a period of time which is not often explored in fiction.

Wilbur Smith is excellent at showcasing historical information through the eyes of characters who feel real. His books are packed full of adventure, and A Golden Lion is no different. It is astonishing from beginning to end. Even though it is the 14th book in a series, it can be enjoyed by readers who have never read a Courtney family book before.