Filthy Rich

filthy-rich-audiobook-mp3Unabridged Audiobook
Written By: James Patterson
Narrated By: Jason Culp
Publisher: Hatchette Audio
Duration: 7 Hours 06 Minutes

Book Rating: stars_4-5




Summary: A shocking true-crime tale of money, power, and sex from the world’s most popular thriller writer.

Jeffrey Epstein rose from humble origins to the rarefied heights of New York City’s financial elite. A college dropout with an instinct for numbers – and for people – Epstein amassed his wealth through a combination of access and skill. But even after he had it all, Epstein wanted more. And that unceasing desire – especially a taste for young girls – resulted in his stunning fall from grace.

From Epstein himself to the girls he employed as masseuses at his home to the cops investigating the appalling charges against him, Filthy Richexamines all sides of a case that scandalized one of America’s richest communities. An explosive true story, Filthy Rich is a riveting account of wealth, power, and the influence they bring to bear on the American justice system…Read more.

User Reviews

Mia W.

stars_4 James Patterson delivers every time! Loved this book.




Sara S.

stars_4-5 Wow, what a great novel.




William P.

stars_5 Right up there with In Cold Blood for best true-crime stories.

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James Patterson: Filthy Rich Audio Book Summary

This is the story of Jeffrey Epstein, a millionaire who bought his freedom when he was involved in a sexual scandal, his case has impacted society for more than ten years is logical to think that James Patterson like the rest of us have Obsessed with the case and decided to make a book about it.
download-james-patterson-filthy-rich-audiobookPatterson has the record of having more bestsellers in the new york times, then he attacks with a new material titled Filthy Rich: The Shocking True Story of Jeffrey Epstein. It is well known that most of his work is co-written, and this is no exception, the person who helped him this time was the former New York detective, John Connolly, who knew the case well.
It is well known that Epstein had affection for minors, it is incredible as there were hundreds of articles written about it and hundreds of pages and court records, yet he was a very powerful and rich man who rubbed shoulders with the most important characters of New York, had a run of trusted people who helped this child predator to abuse girls and who was responsible for hiding their trail.
The book is responsible for showing the profile in detail and recalling the essence of some victim creating an empathy between the reader and the characters. Girls from 14 to 18 years old were the type of favorite victim of this repulsive millionaire.
The book details the modus operandi of Jeffrey Epstein, how he offered up to two hundred dollars for a sexual massage or more that depended on what the victim was willing to do, these meetings were even up to three times a day, all with girls Different, however Epstein was a depraved and not only limited to the sexual act according to declarations of the own victims. All this occurred mainly in the period from 1998 to 2007.

When police were involved in the Epstein case, an investigation was made and fortunately and if convicted, Epstein had a large team of lawyers, including Alan Dershowitz and former prosecutor Clinton Keneth Starr, who did not rest until they saw Released the millionaire, focused on discrediting the testimony of the young victims, unfortunately some of them had many problems and their testimony was not reliable.

In the end, Epstein spent only 13 months convicting himself of only one count for recruiting a minor, only thirteen months for a conviction of 18, only 16 hours a day on Sundays he could walk free in his home or office as agreed .
It is a book that catches you from start to finish and shows the gaps that sometimes has the criminal system, the best are the chapters where are the statements, letters and interviews, that is the true face of injustice, and has a sad face .