Drums of Autumn

drums-of-autumn-audiobook-mp3Unabridged Audiobook
Written By: Diana Gabaldon
Narrated By: Davina Porter
Publisher: Recorded Books
Duration: 44 Hours 54 Minutes

Book Rating: stars_4-5




Summary: Diana Gabaldon’s fans will be delighted to find Jamie and Claire as spirited and endearing as ever in this fourth installment of this magnificent saga. Romance, history, and time travel blend once again as the couple builds a new life together in the wilderness of pre-Revolutionary America.

Twice Claire has used an ancient stone circle to travel back to the 18th century. The first time she found love with a Scottish warrior but had to return to the 1940s to save their unborn child. The second time, 20 years later, she reunited with her lost love but had to leave behind the daughter that he would never see. Now Brianna, from her 1960s vantage point, has found a disturbing obituary and will risk everything in an attempt to change history.

Davina Porter’s narrative talent adds a special vibrance and resonance to Gabaldon’s complex, colorful characters…Read more.

User Reviews

Liwei L.

stars_4 Gabaldon at her best!



Katie P.

stars_4-5 An excellent addition to the Outlander series! Keep it coming!




Max R.

stars_3-5 Good, but not as good as the earlier ones.


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Diana Gabaldon: Drums of Autumn Audio Book Summary

Drums of Autumn is the fourth volume of the Outlander series, whose titles include Outlander, Dragonfly in Amber, Voyager, Drums of Autumn, The Fiery Cross, A Breath of Snow and Ashes, An Echo in the Bone, Written in My Own Heart’s Blood and Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone is about to be released.
download-diana-gabaldon-drums-of-autumn-audiobook In the previous installments the story of Claire Randall, an English nurse born in the year 1918 who lives during the period of the Second World War and that by chance circumstances is able to travel in the time being transferred to the Scotland 1743, in Where he falls in love with Jamie Fraser, becoming his wife and forming a family.
On this occasion, Claire and Jamie are in the United States, establishing a Scottish colony. They have fled from Scotland trying to find refuge in the mountains of North Carolina. Despite the dangers of mountain life such as wild animals in the area, Indians and traces of famine, the family seeks to establish a system of life that will enable them to be safe from the American Revolution.
Claire knows how they will develop the facts, because she knows the history of the American Revolution, worse can not do anything to modify the story. You should only limit yourself to adapt your life so that she and her family stay safe.
Claire is an interesting character, she is a woman who comes from the future, and yet she does not abuse her knowledge to make things work well for her, does not want to alter the course of events, simply couple her life and enjoy it along with His beloved.
On the other hand, Brianna, the daughter of Claire and Jamie is in apparent stability with its boyfriend Roger in Boston.
While Claire and Jamie live in 1767, Brianna and Roger are already in 1969. Roger is the only one who knows Brianna’s family secret because he is also a time traveler, Brianna begins to accept the idea of ​​having to live without Their parents. However, the two stories intersect when he finds an article about a terrible news story that involves his family.
Brianna has the ability to perceive that her parents are in real danger of dying in a fire and must risk her own life when traveling to the past to meet with both and try to save them from a fatal future. Roger can not follow her, she is not willing to lose her after all that has happened.
The biggest problem of all the history revolves around conflictive situations originated by misunderstandings and lack of communication between the personages.
On this occasion, it could be said that the author gives more prominence to the story of Brianna than that of Claire and Jamie; In this delivery, we know more the daughter who has grown and we can accompany her in her relationship with Roger.
Diana Gabaldon does not stop surprising us in this delivery as she has done with the others, is an excellent narrator capable of constructing stories that catch the reader and make him fall in love with his characters for being so well built.