Brave New World

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Summary of The Brave New World Audio Book Mp3

A brave new world audiobooks start with a tour to the Central London Hatching and Conditioning Centre. A group of boys are being taken through the processes of Bakanovsky and Podsnap in the hatchery by the director and his assistant, Henry Foster. The two processes are being used to produce thousands of identical human embryos that are conditioned to belong to five castes namely; beta, alpha, delta, gamma, and epsilon. These embryos are being groomed to become the future leaders of the world.

The boys are taken through a nursery where the delta infants are being programmed to dislike flowers and books in order to make them docile and eager consumers. Outside another room, the boys are introduced to a small group of naked children playing sexual games like ìCentrifugal Bumble-puppy.î The boys are then explained to the true purpose of the World State program, which is ideally to root out all emotions, human relations and desires that typically describe our societies.

The book also captures the relationships between the programís staff. For instance, inside the hatchery, Lenina and Fanny Crowne are secretly chatting about Fannyís relationship with Henry Foster. Apparently, they have been seeing each other exclusively for four months, a thing which seems to fascinate Lenina so much. Lenina confides with Fanny about her strong feelings for Bernard Max who we are told is a funny-looking guy.

audio of brave new world aldous huxleyWhile all this is going on, Bernard and Helmholtz seem to be dissatisfied with the program. While Bernard seems disgruntled by the fact that he is smaller and weaker for his caste, Helmholtz seems to be unhappy for a completely different reason; he believes that his intellectual capabilities should be put to better use than writing hypnopaedic phrases. Bernard requests his superiors to grant him permission to visit the Reservation.

After hesitating for a while, the director allows him to visit the reservation accompanied by Lenina. But before they leave, Bernard receives word from Helmholtz that the director plans to discontinue him from the program due to what he terms as Bernardís unsocial behaviors. This angers Bernard but he chooses to go on with his plans to visit the reservation.

At the Reservation, the two discover that none of the programís products have aged even a single bit. This shocks them beyond belief. They also witness a religious ritual that they immediately detest. It is after witnessing the disgusting ritual that they meet a young man by the name John. John is the son of a woman who goes by the name Linda. He was rescued by villagers about 20 years ago and this makes John recall stories of his mother whom the director often made reference to.

John later becomes a star in London due to the strange life that he led in the Reservation. As the trio tour the Reservation, John develops strong sexual feelings towards Lenina. This confuses the young man a lot since he desires more than simple lust for Lenina. This also confuses Lenina who doesnít really understand why John doesnít want more than sex. At the end of the book John finally participates in an orgy and later hangs himself.