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Summary of the Allegiant Audio Book Download

Allegiant is the third book in Veronica Rothís Divergent trilogy. The book starts off where the previous title, Insurgent, concluded. The experiments into genetic engineering have been uncovered and proven to be the cause of the ëfactionsí that previously controlled Chicago. The factionless masses have regained control of Chicago following the faction war, and they have started to rebel against Evelyn, who is Tobiasís mother, and the leader of the government.

Tris, of the Dauntless faction, has lead many battles in a bid to prevent the faction known as the Erudites from taking control. In Allegiant she is invited to join a group of faction members who have chosen to live outside of Evelynís rule ñ this group is the group that the novel is named after, and she agrees that she will take on a mission for them if they can save her brother from execution. Caleb has been charged with turning traitor and working for the Erudite leader, Jeanine. Tobias and Tris break Caleb out of prison and get him back to the Allegiant camp, before escaping Chicago and exploring the wider worldownload allegiant audiobook quoted.

While outside of Chicago, they encounter other Divergents that they knew many years ago, as well as lost family members that they had been lead to believe were dead. They learn more and more about where the factions came from, why the government had been experimenting with genetic engineering, and the attempts they were making to create a ëmore moral societyí. The experiments failed, and produced one-sided moral beings that did not really have any sense of moral center ñ as a result of the experiments, Chicago (and other cities where the experiments were taking place) were cut off from the wider population. The hope was that the damage from the experiments would play itself out in the cities, and the divergents would be able to re-integrate with the population.

Tobias is not divergent, and he joins another non-divergent in an attack on the Bureau of Genetic Welfare. This causes a rift between Tris and Tobias at first, but Tris learns that the Bureau has plans to wipe peopleís memories, and take away their free will in a bid to stop the upcoming war. At this point, Tris decides that the attack was justified. Caleb volunteers to go on a suicide mission to prevent the Bureau from using the memory-wiping serum. The mission does not go as planned, however, and while another non-divergent attempts to help, it falls on Tris to get the job done in the end.

The storyís epilogue shows that peace has been achieved, and that the divergents are now multiplying. Even the Dauntless have managed to rebuild their lives. This is an interesting story, with more breadth and depth to it than the average teen dystopian novel. It is more interesting than the Hunger Games, in many respects, although it paints an even bleaker picture, without the universal happy ending so common in Young Adult novels these days.

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