Alice in Wonderland

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Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland Audiobook Summary

The first scene in this book starts with Alice sitting on a riverbank. She is busy reading a book over her sister’s shoulder when she is distracted by the sight of a white rabbit that runs past her. Surprisingly, the rabbit is adorned in a waistcoat and this makes Alice follow the rabbit down the hole. Inside the hole she discovers a hallway lined with doors and proceeds to open it using a set of keys she also finds on a table.

free alice in wonderland audiobook britishBehind the open door she discovers a beautiful garden but the small size of the door wouldn’t allow her to fit through and enter the garden. In despair she breaks down in tears. Luckily she manages to shrink herself to the right size, but she still cannot enter since she has left the key on the tabletop. In her new size, her tears have formed a pool of tears that to her, become like a sea. She swims in the pool of tears with the mouse to shore where she meets several animals.

In her second encounter with the white rabbit, Alice is mistaken for a servant and the rabbit sends her to gather his stuff. She partakes in yet another liquid that causes her to grow to the same size as the rabbit’s house. She scares the rabbit and his servants away and in frustration they start throwing rocks at her. The rocks turn into cakes upon hitting the house. She eats the cakes which causes her to reduce in size yet again.

In her small size, Alice wanders off into the forest where she meets a crafty caterpillar. The caterpillar informs her of the different types of mushroom that she can consume to alter her size. She tastes a part of the mushroom which causes her neck to stretch above the trees. Another part of the mushroom causes her to shrink down to her normal size. She continues on this mysterious path until she bumps into the house of a Duchess.

Through the Looking Glass Audiobook Free Download

In addition to Alice in Wonderland, you can also get a free Through the Looking Glass audio book download using the same offer, via the links on this page.

through the looking glass audio downloadInside the house, the Duchess is nursing a baby or at least she thought it to be a baby. She later finds out that it was a pig which she lets go. Upon re-entering the forest, she meets the same Cheshire cat she had seen at the Duchess’ house. It is this cat that tells her of the madness that surrounds the people in Wonderland, her included. The cat gives her directions to the March Hare’s house before he fades away.

She finds the March Hare, the Door-mouse, and the Mad Hatter having tea together in the March Hare’s house. They do not seem to enjoy her company and this causes her to leave for the forest once again. She still uses the mushroom to shrink herself to an appropriate size as per the prevailing conditions. In the forest she is forced to rescue several gardeners from the rage of the Queen of Hearts.

She continues with this journey that is filled with strange encounters until she finds herself on her sister’s lap as if she had never even left. She tells her sister of her strange dream before going inside to have tea. Her sister is left pondering on what she has just been told.

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