A Truck Full of Money

a-truck-full-of-money-audiobook-mp3Unabridged Audiobook
Written By: Tracy Kidder
Narrated By: Paul Michael
Publisher: Random House Audio
Duration: 8 Hours 42 Minutes

Book Rating: stars_4-5




Summary: Tracy Kidder, the “master of the nonfiction narrative” (The Baltimore Sun) and author of the best-selling classic The Soul of a New Machine, now tells the story of Paul English, a kinetic and unconventional inventor and entrepreneur who as a boy rebelled against authority. Growing up in working-class Boston, English discovered a medium for his talents the first time he saw a computer. As a young man, despite suffering from what would eventually be diagnosed as bipolar disorder, he began his pilgrim’s journey through the ups and downs in the brave new world of computers. Relating to the Internet as if it were an extension of his own mind, he discovered that he had a talent for conceiving innovative enterprises and building teams that can develop them, becoming “a Pied Piper” of geeks. His innovative management style, success, and innate sense of fair play inspire intense loyalty. Early on one colleague observed, “Someday this boy’s going to get hit by a truck full of money, and I’m going to be standing beside him”. Yet when English did indeed make a fortune – when the travel website Kayak was sold for almost $2 billion – the first thing he thought about was how to give the money away: “What else would you do with it?” The second thing he thought was, “What’s next?”

With the power of a consummate storyteller, Tracy Kidder casts a fresh, critical, and often humorous eye on the way new ideas and new money are reshaping our culture and the world. A Truck Full of Money is a mesmerizing portrait of an irresistibly endearing man who is indefatigable, original, and as unpredictable as America itself.

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User Reviews

John C.

stars_4 What an incredible story. I love the fact that this is an entrepreneur who doesn’t care about the money. He cares about the idea and the ability to change the world.



Max R.

stars_4-5 Loved every minute of it! I work in Silicon Valley and definitely understand the “typical” tech entrepreneur. Paul English is no “typical” techie! He builds companies for all of the right reasons, and none of the wrong ones!!!



Sara S.

stars_3-5 Inspirational, but a bit geeky.

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Tracy Kidder: A Truck Full of Money Audio Book Summary

Written by critically acclaimed author Tracy Kidder in an exciting new work, the audiobook, A Truck Full of Money: One Man’s Quest To Recover from Great Success, is a riveting story that is bound to generate the interest of readers across the globe.

paul-english-kayak-co-founderIf you like read business books and biographies, then this audio recording is definitely for you. Filled with an intricately woven story and masterfully crafted writing style, Tracy Kidder will shed new light on a topic that makes you see the world in a whole new way.

Paul English, founder of Kayak.com, which he eventually sold for $2 billion, was a quirky kid with a fascination for the internet and all things related to it. Full of wacky ideas and a knack for building teams to execute on his vision, English stumbled through several projects before founding Kayak and running off with magnificent success.

Once the company was sold, however, English was stuck with a different problem: how to effetively give away the majority of his earnings, and what project to tackle next? In A Truck Full of Money, Tracy Kidder narrates this story in an intricate and unforgettable way!

Don’t miss your chance to listen to this bold new work; download your copy today and start to listen to this must-read modern classic!